Odds of Roller – Launching event


Odds of Roller is a data collection company based on Kosovo that offers qualitative and quantitative research services domestically and overseas for public and private sectors. It is established through the initiative of a group of young professional statisticians and economists educated in top UK and USA Universities and with rich research experience domestically and internationally.

Our company offers a range of services from identifying market research requirements, data collection, analysis, statistical analysis and preparation of reports together with recommendations. Its mobile application tool that has been developed offers an innovative way in collecting the data and interacting with the respondent.

The data collection is completed through a well-designed and user friendly mobile application that will require from the user to fill its basic demographic information, such as gender, age, location, material status education and ethnicity. The selection and distribution of questionnaires will be based on these initial information collected in our data base. Via the mobile application, the surveys will be sent to the targeted audience to collect the answers and to award them for sharing their opinion and beliefs.

Through the creativity and professionalism of our staff and the innovative tools that we have built we are able to provide accurate and effective research results contributing to the decision-making process.

Odds of Roller provides the service of data collection and processing in innovative fashion and our mission is to provide in the most efficient and accessible manner the service of data collection and processing that will advance the overall decision making. The core of our objective is to provide the service of quantitative based analyses at significantly low cost so that will be achievable from all bodies that base their decision making upon primary data information.


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