Meet a Startup (DigIT)

Enxhi Zogaj from DigiIT


About Digit: Founded in 2021, we entered the world of offering Consultancy and Implementation Services to the IT world. It is created as the result of a long experience gained from different positions in Management and IT. Best management practices starting from hiring, development, employee wellbeing, transformational leadership, and platform of value creation are the core principle that is engraved in our culture. DigIT is an LLC business structure with it is respective members and location in Zürich and it is a subsidiary office in Pristina. Providing high-quality services to our EU partners is our main goal, as well as enhancing the knowledge, development, and skills of our young operational team.

Optimizing your business comes down to having the most experienced and highly trained people in the right positions. We specialize in optimizing your process management by setting your business up for success with expertly trained talent ready to tackle any task.

At DigIT, we provide you with the possibility of change. Our experts, advisors, and developers created a seven-step checkup so that you can see in detail where your business processes are struggling to meet the demands of your business.


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