Making books with Irma Boom “The Queen of Books”


Irma Boom is a Dutch graphic designer - who specializes in bookmaking. Boom has been described as ‘The Queen of Books’, having created over 300 books and is well reputed for her artistic autonomy within her field. Her bold experimental approach to her projects often challenges the convention of traditional books in both physical design and printed content.

Boom has been noted as the youngest recipient of the Gutenberg Prize, an award recognizing outstanding services to the advancement of the book arts. A selection of Boom’s books are held in the permanent collection of MoMA, and a personalized Irma Boom Archive has been set up at the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands, showcasing Boom’s work.

Boom’s books take on an architectural form and she views them as a unique medium for delivery of information. A thorough reflection of a book’s content leads Boom to her design decisions. It is her aim to enhance the readers’ understanding while at the same time creating an object of beauty, with quality and permanence. Boom considers the entire landscape of the book including the edges. She builds three-dimensional models in miniature scale to aid in the development of her books. From typography to material, every detail Boom applies to her projects possesses an underlying logic.

Notable Collections:

- The Museum of Modern Art, New York – Selection of books at the permanent collection of the Architecture & Design department,
- The University of Amsterdam – Irma Boom Collection in the Special Collections of the Library of the University of Amsterdam Centre Pompidou,
- Musée national d’arty modern, Paris – Permanent collection of Bibliothèque Kandinsky

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