Launching Elly


We beileve that music playback should be simple, intuitive and just let you enjoy the moment, at that time we realized that we needed to let our creativity build something we want to use, and Elly was born.

Elly is a simple and beautiful one-button music shuffling application that just plays music based on your preferred genre. Everytime you press the center shuffle button, it suggests you a song and if you let it play until the end it keeps playing similar songs indefinitely, we have also made it more personal with Facebook by analyzing your music artists likes and determining your preferred genre automagically.

The Elly’s launching event will take place on Wednesday, April 22, starting from 6pm at ICK.

About Rolling Rabbits:

Our creative team specializes in mobile and web application design and development, UI/UX, creative direction for both mobile and web applications, and all-inclusive brand identities.

We work together to create exclusive software solutions to fulfill our client’s needs and fit together our simple yet ambitions design and development philosophies by paying attention to detail in every step of the project. We hit the ground running.

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