How we collect, process, and store 3 billion IoT data points per month

Lectures, presentation and open discussion with engineers from KODE Labs.


KODE Labs develops a smart building platform, KODE OS, that streamlines building operations and helps real estate owners manage and optimize their portfolios from a single pane of glass. KODE OS collects and processes data in real-time from core building systems, such as: HVAC, lighting, meters (energy, water, gas), indoor environmental quality (air quality, sound level, vibration, humidity), parking systems, access control, elevators, etc.

KODE OS platform powers hundreds of buildings in USA, Canada, Australia and EU by enabling autonomous operations using machine learning, fault detection, analytics and portfolio wide optimizations.

During this tech event, the main engineers behind this amazing story are going to show how we built the platform, the challenges that we face day to day, the tech stack and open source tools that we use. Since we build mostly on open source tools, our goal is to share our experience and help the community by showing our development process, production guidelines and so on.

Speakers and the Host:

  • Gentrit Gojani – Speaker | Chief Technology Officer
  • Leutrim Musliu – Co-Speaker | Tech Lead, Backend Developer
  • Tea Pula – Host | Backend Developer

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