FuckUp Nights Prishtina Vol. I


At FuckUp Nights stories of failed businesses and projects are told, questioned and celebrated.

The first FuckUp Night happened in Mexico City in September 2012. Since then fuckupers are gathered every month across the world to drink beer and listen to three stories about failure.

In each FuckUp Night 2 or 3 fuckupreneurs share their stories of failure including:

What was their project?
What did they do wrong?
What did they learn?
What would they do differently?

The speakers can be quite varied: artists, architects, technology, green, social and even a doctor who a few years ago opened a sex shop that went broke. Each of them tells their story in 10 images, each projected for 40 seconds, and at the end of each story the audience asks questions. All accompanied by beers & good friends.


Because failure sucks, but instructs.
Because one can learn more from stories of failure than from stories of success.
Because the majority of professionals don’t create the “project of the year” in their first attempt.
Because people feel the need to break free from the stigmas surrounding “failure”.
We deeply believe in communicating failure as a positive step everyone must overcome on the road to success.
This is what we have set about to change in Kosovo.
On April 16, the first FuckUp Night Prishtina will take place at Bamboo Bar, starting from 8pm.

Register to attend: [email protected]


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