Food Waste Challenge 2021 – Launching Ceremony


While food loss and waste are major environmental polluters, the issue remains under-researched in Kosovo and there is little awareness about its scope of impact. Between 2% and 20% of food served is left on the plates due to various causes such as the lack of overview of the raw materials in storage, challenges in predicting the number of guests, large menus and portion sizes, expired food, mindless ordering etc.

UNDP Kosovo & ICK are piloting the #FoodWasteChallenge to tackle the problem of food waste in the gastronomy sector in Kosovo.

Join the conversation between Fitore Pacolli, Maria Suokko, Uranik Begu and Giovanna Ottaviani Aalmo to learn more about the amplitude of the food waste problem in Kosovo, the benefits of increasing capacities in food waste management and how the #FoodWasteChallenge encapsulates all of it in a fun way.

We highly encourage the participation of individuals and businesses involved in the gastronomy sector in Kosovo.

Fitore Pacolli, Chairwoman of the Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture, Forestry, Rural Development, Environment and Spatial Planning and Infrastructure
Maria Suokko, Resident Representative for UNDP Kosovo
Uranik Begu, Executive Director, Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK)
Giovanna Ottaviani Aalmo, PhD, Research Scientist, Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research


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