Data Empowered Buildings

Meet the Data Science Team and learn how KODE Labs analyzes, optimizes and improves building functionality at scale.


Data science team at KODE Labs gather at ICK to share more about how their work is helping to enable healthier buildings and smarter buildings. They will show how they uncover insights and trends in data and leverage this information to optimize and improve building functionality at scale.

By capitalizing on data analytics they:

  • Provide various KPIs that serve as guidance for performance improvements
  • Ensure air quality and occupancy control, for a healthier building environment.
  • Develop optimizations that result in energy savings and tenant comfort.
  • Provide functional testing; detection and diagnostics of faults for proactive building maintenance.

About KODE Labs:

KODE Labs develops a smart building platform, KODE OS, that streamlines building operations and helps real estate owners manage and optimize their portfolios from a single pane of glass. KODE OS collects and processes data in real-time from core building systems, such as: HVAC, lighting, meters (energy, water, gas), indoor environmental quality (air quality, sound level, vibration, humidity), parking systems, access control, elevators, etc.


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