Data Bootcamp – NASA Space Apps Challenge


Data Bootcamp is created to attract broader audience possible to NASA Space Apps Prishtina and bring even greater diversity of skills and perspectives to adress challenges on Earth and in Space. For the second year in a row, NASA is offering a data bootcamp for participants interested in improving their skills with code, data, project advocacy, data set retrieval and storytelling with technology

Attendees will learn new concepts, strategies and skills from keynote speakers, panelists and mentors, and apply their learnings in brakeout sessions.

Attendees are encouraged to collaborate with others to create project teams based on shared interest, complementary skills and and new learnings that they can apply to challanges throughout Space Apps Weekend.

Impart skills, provide inspiration, teach by doing, enable social bond and HAVE FUN.

Topics to be covered:

- Info Session / Introduction to Space Apps 2016 (challenges, criteria and tools).
- Finding the data you need.
- Understanding UX design.
- Using APIs and writing basic code & Getting started with GitHub.
- Microcontollers & Connecting sensors and building basic circuits.
- Telling your story: How to pitch and what to pitch.


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