Cyber Law Conference


Cyber law is comparatively a new field, raising up from the other traditional law fields, and for a fact, is everyday becoming a more interesting, important and challenging subject of its own. Cyber law is a multi-disciplinary branch, covering up criminal and civil cases, from financial crimes to cyber-crimes. As a new field evolving and expanding with a tremendous speed, cyber law offers many great chances to those who want to study it, since it is connected pretty well to criminal law, privacy in the internet use, civil and human rights, national security so many other fields.

Information Technology Law – is a transactional-based practice that addresses the issues that arise when companies develop, license, acquire or sell information technology and computer-related products and services.

Cyber Law or Internet Law – basically the newest branch of law which covers the use of internet. Even though, laws regarding the internet are yet to be defined and are hard to make.

The objectives of this conference consist on preparing our society; especially the students about different cyber crimes that occur everyday in our lives and help them realize the danger coming from cyberspace.

The conference aims to assemble the interest groups, institutional representatives of Kosovo, international representatives that are experts on the field of cyber security, people from the justice department and a audience consisting mostly of law students, as they are most likely to deal with this global issue in the near future.

The conference aims to give answer to some questions:

Is there a cyber law?

Yes, although it is a very new legal field, Governments are constantly working on the making of cyber law, a law that will protect individuals and companies in the future.

Which are the most common examples of cyber crimes?

There are a lot of examples. They can be against individuals, property, the government and not only. Cyber crimes include teasing, stalking, the sharing of illegal materials over the internet. Hacking and sharing different viruses is also considered a cyber crime.

Can a lawyer help you with cyber law?

Yes indeed. Who can protect you from a cyber attack than a lawyer. They can also help you prepare a strategy to protect your digital IP address. Hiring a lawyer who understands cyber law is essential when you direct a business on internet.

The implementation of the conference will be finalized by the organizers whom are the students of the Faculty of Law.

The implementation will go through some fazes:

● Logistics insurance and its maintaining
● Defining the group of interests and the audience
● Defining and securing the speakers in the conference
● Setting the topics and giving assignments to the speakers
● Checking up the speakers materials and finalizing the speakers materials
● Distribute invitations
● The organization of the conference on the right time and place as planned
● Distribute of the certificates of the participants

The implementation of the conference consists of these topics:

● Cyber-law and cyber-security
● Challenges of cyber-security
● The making of cyber-law
● The development of cyber-law concentrating in civil rights
● The development of cyber-law concentrating in criminal law
● The development of International Cyber Law
● The challenges of judicial protection from Cyber-Crimes
● The role of a lawyer as a guardian of the victims of the Cyber-Crimes
● The preparation of the new generation of Kosovar Lawyers in the Cyber Law field

Panel 1. Cyber Security

1. Blerim Rexha- Introduction to Cyber Security
2. Drinor Selmanaj- The dark side of internet
3. Besfort Rrecaj- Cyber Security, a challenge for Balkan States and more
Panel 2. Cyber Space

1. Dafina Buqaj - The concept of Cyberspace
2. Driart Elshani- National and International applicable law on the prevention from Cyber Crimes
3. Robert Muharremi- Cyber Security and International Agreements, conventions and international regulation of Cyberspace

Panel 3. Cyberlaw

1. Albion Bikliqi -Personal information protection law
2. Christian Frydenlund-GDPR
3. Robert Shala- The challenges on the implementation of GDPR

Panel 4. Workshop and Recommendation



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