Cyber Defense Week


With the increasing dependency in technologies by public and private sector alike, conflict and crime is rapidly moving to the cyberspace - the fifth domain of war. In order to prepare and better defend national and private assets, a collaboration between all of the field’s actors is vital to Kosovo’s eco-political environment.

Cyber Defence Week is an annual meetup of Kosovo’s leading cyber security professionals, researchers, and enthusiasts with the aim of exploring bleeding edge technologies and contemporary challenges through talks, networking, and bootcamps.

The one-week event will be comprised of lectures by professionals that are trailblazing the fields of Information & Cyber Security in the Republic of Kosovo as well as experts in Corporate Security & Defense from the region. The aim of the lectures is discussing solutions to upcoming challenges in the field in order to share information and establish relationships among entities and practitioners of related fields. As eyes shift to a growing Balkan, all cyber frontlines must be ready to adapt and respond to mutual risks and threats.

Apart from lectures in Infosec, Cybersecurity, and Corporate Defense, Cyber Defence Week will also organize bootcamps on techniques and methodologies that aim to protect our shared cyberspace. All bootcamps will be hands-on events centered around defence implementations - both technical and strategic. Participants of the bootcamps will be able to apply their gained knowledge in protecting their critical assets and information from advancing adversaries.

The end of the Cyber Defence Week will conclude with a realistic simulation of defenders, adversaries, and observers with the participants filling the key roles in all of the operations. The simulation will have a challenge aspect to it, where meeting the goals of specific parties at war will define the winning team - rewarding them with a prize.

In conclusion, Cyber Defence Week aims to become an annual event bringing solutions to growing challenges in the cyberspace through building a responsive community of professionals in related fields.

Other details coming soon.

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