This hacking convention aims to bring entrepreneurs, programmers, hackers, experts, and technology enthusiasts together in one place to share their knowledge, discuss the present and the future of technology, and help spread awareness about the dangers of the cyber world.

This conference will not only encompass the business or the technical side of computer hacking, but it will also demonstrate how a person with specific knowledge and determination could be a devastating threat or an invaluable asset in the cyber realm. So far, all of the conferences regarding computing security have been either policy-based or theoretical.

Crypton aims to change the status quo and demonstrate not only the latest tools weapons and attack vectors, but it will give you a hands on experience of how a computer expert will exploit a high security network, its updated windows machines, and all of the phones within the network.


Part 1

Cyber Security Talks 18:00-19:00
Prof. Blerim Rexha - “Web Security”
Besnik Limaj - ENCYSEC (Enhancing Cyber Security)
Labeat Avdullahu - “Living as a hacker”

Part 2

Real Life Cyber Attacks:

Protect Yourself 19:15 - 20:15

*We will show different vectors of attack where hackers would penetrate a system through the front end (such as the web) and the back end through its unprotected services. We will also showcase how to defend a network against these attacks. After the entire network has been compromised, we will go through a Q&A Session with all of our guests.

There will be many computers set up showcasing different attacks. Attendees will be able to learn how to defend themselves against such attacks. For example, we will have a section that will particularly target the web-developer audience. We will raise awareness about the most threatening attacks, and teach programmers and web developers on how to guard and protect themselves against them.

Capture the Flag 20:30-22:00

*A series of challenges for all of the hackers that will be attending the convention. The challenges will be technical in nature, and will require a lot of skill to complete.

Movie Screening “Who Am I - No System is Safe” 22:00-23:30

Crypton aims to build a strong community of security analysts, businessmen, researchers, tech enthusiasts and programmers.

Be there! Open to all.


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