Branding & Design Essentials | Business Tuesday 19

Branding & Design Essentials | Business Tuesday 19

December 05, 2014 @ 10:39

Does this design fall in line with the overall theme of the company?

Does this design ‘say’ what the company tries to say?

In some instances and with some clients, you don’t even have to make a ‘great’ design, however, you are expected to make something that would be well received by the company and their audience.
Being aware of this is being aware of the branding of a company.

What is branding and why is it important?

Why is branding necessary?

Brand recognition and consistency.

How designers contribute to brand consistency?

The importance of colors.

Principles of visual communications and the importance of typography.

Living as a designer in Kosovo.

Attend the Business Tuesday at ICK, on December 9, and learn more with:

Leonat Rezniqi

Leonat Rezniqi – the COO at Scards in Pristina and also Director of Scards Academy, with more than 20 years’ experience on design and printing will be the presenter for “Branding & Design Essentials”.

Arta Agani

Arta Agani- Born in Prishtina. Lives and works in Prishtina. Graduated from Prishtina University in Graphic Design in 1996. Graduated with Master’s Degree in Graphic Design from Prishtina University in 2001. Also finished certified program ” Exhibition Design and Management” in Danube University in Krems, Austria in 2011.She worked as graphic design for “Kosovarja ” magazine, and also as freelance designer. She ran the Program “Young Visual Artist Award - Artists of Tomorrow” for five years at the Kosova Art Gallery. She participated in many group exhibitions with graphic design, painting and video art, such as: “Design retrospective”, “Muslim Mulliqi”, “Gjon MIlli”, in Prishtina; “International Exhibition for Peace”, in Tokyo Japan; “White Wedding” in Brussels, Belgium etc. She currently works as Executive Director in NGO KUSA and teaches Typography for Communication Design and Graphic Design for Fashion at Academy Evolution in Prishtina. She is also preparing for an art exhibition called ” Museum of Memories”.

Etrit Zeneli

Etrit’s career as a graphic designer started at an early age in 2005, quickly becoming lead designer and graduating in this field in 2012. Shortly after, he continued his career at IPKO’s Communications Department. He played a key role in the team that created NEWBORN, the award winning monument of Kosovo’s independence, and remains the loving enthusiast wherever creativity is involved.


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