Brain-Friendly Communications: How to talk directly to brains and influence people’s behavior


To solve this problem Dr. Dimitriadis is using new neurological and behavioral models, experimental data and everyday stories to demonstrate comprehensively that people should urgently learn new ways to communicate. The two options we all face are simple: to continue sending the wrong messages to the wrong parts of the brain of our audiences and create confusion OR to focus the right message to the right part of the brain and get results? Learn the basics of brain-friendly communications and achieve more in negotiations, leadership, marketing and sales!
Dr. Nikolaos Dimitriadis (MBA, PhD) is Development Director at the Executive Development Institute of the University of Sheffield International Faculty and I am frequently lecturing at the Sheffield Executive MBA in the SEE region. He has received both my PhD and my MBA from the University of Sheffield.  He is a certified Neuromarketer and an award-winning communications professional (IPRA, SABRE and other). He has been applying neurological and behavioral sciences in marketing, communications and leadership for over a decade. Dr Dimitriadis is currently co-authoring a book on Applied Neuroscience for Leaders and and spoke at TEDx Strathclyde 2015 about the need for Brain-Based Communications. Furthermore, he is the co-owner of DNA Communications, a full service advertising agency, and he trains and coaches executives of multinational corporations in the region.

By: CITY College, International Faculty of the University of Sheffield in cooperation with Innovation Centre Kosovo.


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