Board Game Hackathon


Hey! Earth Day’s here to remind us it’s time to get creative about protecting our environment. We’ve heard all the terminologies, we’ve seen all the theories - how about we start testing them through play? How about we design new ones? Just how creative can we get?

Enter this Board-Game Hackathon and let’s find out! This is brought to you by ICK & UNDP Kosovo.

Did you know the best and our most natural way to learn is actually through play? That’s how the human race got to where we are today.
Over the course of this event game developers Lekë Sahatqija (game programmer/engineer) and Agnesa Belegu (systems/technical game designer) will teach you how to design and build board games, and then mentor you in creating your own environment-themed board game.

And - because games are more fun when there’s something to play for, the best concepts will be presented at GameFest, a gaming festival in Prishtina.
Think Game Development is difficult? You’ve done a bit of research and feel like it’s a steep learning curve? Fear not! We’re here to show you that games can be built and designed by anyone with a curious mind and due determination to bring experiences to life.
The goal is to bring yourself into the team. You will invest your knowledge, experience, your pool of references in your brain into the board game you will create. Game design / development is all about merging together ideas into one coherent vision.

Here’s a short list of good-to-haves for the event participants:
Curious: Always asking questions, either internally or externally. In search for answers or perspectives - the experience of discovery makes you happy.
Resourceful: Knows where to find answers. If a vision comes to mind, you’ll Google it, Pinterest it, ask your people, dig into the interwebs until you find the right fit. Maybe you have cool magazines lying around you could use as a reference! Bring them with you if you wish!
Cooperative: You like working with other people. If you don’t, perhaps it’s the time to challenge yourself! Getting to know people while making games is a unique way of exploring how our brains work when creating things.
Experimental / Creative: You like to try things out of the box. You enjoy exploring things that are different from what you usually see. Or maybe you enjoy things from inside the box and have this need to know how it was built or created. Maybe you enjoy both. If you would like to train your creative muscles, this is the hackathon for you.

Gamers (Optional): This is entirely preferential - whether you play games every day, once a month, or once in your entire lifetime, it’s irrelevant. More games played means you’ll bring more references to the team. You play Board games? Even better!
English: Good knowledge of spoken/written English
Technical Skills: None needed, great to have!
Sound like you? Apply!


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