AI Startup – Regional Accelerator Camp in Prishtina


The Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK) is partnering with the prestigious Special Competitive Studies Project – SCSP in bringing to Kosova the 1st edition of the AI Startup – Regional Accelerator Camp, aiming to foster the AI-driven startups and SME’s in the Western Balkans. The Camp will take place in Prishtina (ICK) from May 27-31, 2024.

Guided by US AI experts, this event is set to ignite knowledge and skill enhancement, leveraging AI’s potential across several sectors including ICT, Manufacturing, Wood ect. Prishtina will become the epicenter of the most advanced AI event of time in the Western Balkans, by also hosting some of the leading AI mentors and experts.

By fostering collaboration and networking, the program aims to strengthen the interconnectedness of the AI startup ecosystem in the Western Balkans, identifying promising ventures for potential investment and driving technological advancement and economic growth. Moreover, this initiative shines a spotlight on Prishtina, Kosovo, as a flourishing hub for AI innovation, elevating its visibility on both regional and global stages. With esteemed partners and stakeholders, participants can anticipate invaluable insights and growth opportunities across diverse industries.

Applications are now open! Deadline: May 10, 2024. Apply here!


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