Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK) is a center whose aim is to connect research and development component of scientific field with the business sector, focusing on creating new job opportunities oriented towards the future, based on knowledge and new technology.

Innovation Centre Kosovo (ICK) was founded to support entrepreneurship, innovation and commercially based business development, with a focus on information and communication technology. The centre supports both start-ups and existing companies with the potential for growth.

To create new jobs and business prosperity in Kosovo’s ICT and Green Energy sectors through innovation, supporting entrepreneurs, start-ups and existing businesses.

ICK is the leading integrator of innovative businesses and economic development, aiding the visibility of Kosovo.
ICK’s sole objective is to create an environment where entrepreneurs can tap into the deep Expertise, enthusiastic Talent, proven Service Providers and access to financing, such as angel and VC Investors that live and work in our part of the world. Local community ideas, needs and contributions are an essential element of our plan for success.

Executive Board

ICK has its own Board of Directors composed of four prominent members of society selected on the basis of their professional expertise and field.

Staff Members

The success of ICK is excessively based on the dedicated work of the professional staff that possesses strong experience and shown expertise, necessary to have the capability in offering qualitative services in different fields.

ICK will both create new jobs through the businesses that supports and train young people for jobs in the broader marketplace. ICK will be a hub for connecting new ideas and technology with human and financial resources to create or expand commercially viable companies that can successfully fill the needs in the market, generating sales, trade, local productive capacity and skilled employment. Innovation Centre Kosovo offers incubator services, mentoring, consulting and training to entrepreneurs and managers in business planning, accounting, finance, product/service development, marketing/ sales, human resources, technology development and transfer and matchmaking with local, regional and international businesses.

The establishment of ICK was financially supported by The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. ICK was initiated in June 2012 as a project of Athene Prosjektledelse, Norway and the Kosovo Association of Information and Communication Technology (STIKK) with Crimson Capital LLC, Kosovo being the main cooperating partner on this initiative.

ICK is funded by Embassy of Sweden in Prishtina.